Scott and Denise Franks - The Group Real Estate

About Scott:

I graduated with a Biology degree as I have a HUGE love of animals; with the Grey Wolf being my favorite. I studied them in my senior year of college. During my academic years and 9 years thereafter, I worked as a Scientist for a variety of companies; ranging from Environmentally testing for Organics and Inorganics for the Federal Government, studying the effects of hibernation in relation to respiration and on frogs and toads, the effects on fauna and flora in relation to the reintroduction of the Grey Wolf in Yellowstone National Park to the last being a Scientific Engineer for a worldwide leader in Cardio Pulmonary Medical Device realm.

After the last round of layoffs, which I happen to be included, I decided to keep to my passion of helping people and joined my wife in the Real Estate business. We started our company and have not looked back! We work well together and being a married couple aids our clients twofold. Being we focus our business on the Greater Metro Denver Area, we are both able to show our clients properties in different areas so not one client will miss out on seeing any property. Secondly, two minds work together to find solutions for our sellers and the many negotiations that go into selling a house.

About Denise:

I have been in real estate since 2005. I started out doing marketing for a real estate company, while I was obtaining my degree in Criminal Justice. While going to school I evolved into the office manager of a real estate office. I also ran their sister company 123 short sales. I received my bachelor's degree in 2012. The short sale company was keeping me busy and I obtained my real estate license in 2012 because of the requirement of negotiating short sales. Once I received my license I fell in love with helping others and never looked back.